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I offer a no obligation FREE Consultation call either by phone or via Skype/Zoom

We have a chat about your business, discuss what is working and what isn't. We discuss your goals and vision for your business and get an understanding of how you will achieve these. If you're unsure about what it is you really need we will know by the end of the call. I will offer you some advice on what you could do and we get to know each other a little better.

No Obligation for anything more.... so what are you waiting for, when would you like to speak?

Restaurant Accelerator

Turbo Boost Your Business ~ Get New Customers ~ Create Loyal Customers
Improve your Costs ~ Engage your Team ~ Increase Your Profits

The Restaurant Accelerator program is your businesses FULL SERVICE & MORE!!! 

To keep your restaurant at its peak or if your business has taken a downturn or just hit a stumbling block, the Restaurant Accelerator Program is designed to deliver results.

We will begin by reviewing every aspect of your day-to-day operations and understand your short, medium and longer term goals for the business. We will then work with you and your team to implement the necessary systems that deliver RESULTS!!!

Every business needs a regular Service to ensure it is staying ahead of the competition and delivering what the customer wants. In a fast changing world we will provide you with the insight on current and new trends, ways to improve efficiency and productivity from your business and your team and ensuring the all important profit margins are stabilised and improved. We will focus on ensuring your business delivers an exceptional customer experience all the time.

The Restaurant Accelerator Program is the design on Jon's 28-years experience in Hospitality, and 9-years as a restaurant and hospitality business consultant. He will work to closely align your business to the 4 FEED Pillars - Feeling, Environment, Experience and Development.

To learn more about the FEED Pillars get a
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Please note the above package is for a single site business, multi-site operations will be quoted after a consultation call.

Travel costs & expenses will be charged in addition to the above

If overnight stays are required this will incur additional costs, similarly International projects will be priced to reflect additional travel time.