Jonathan Butler - Restaurant Consultant

A business consultant with a difference...
As an award-winning chef and restaurateur, Jon draws on his 30-years' experience offering advice across the food industry to restaurants, hotels, pubs, and investors all over the world.  Whether you are an investor seeking to create and open a new concept food business, a start-up or an established business, Jon has the experience and knowledge to help ensure you succeed.

My Background

Based in Gloucestershire, but working with clients in the UK and internationally, Jonathan is a multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur with nearly thirty years’ experience within the industry. His career included training and working in award-winning restaurants and 5-star hotels, before growing his own successful multi-million-pound restaurant business from 2000 to 2009. 

In 2010, he founded OutSauced Consultancy which has evolved into a restaurant and hospitality consultancy business. Jon works on a variety of projects with business owners and management teams advising them on everything from brand management, marketing, design and customer experience to scalability and profitability.

Jonathan is the author of Business Recipes for Success and is also the host of ‘The Disruptive Restaurateur’ podcast.

Jonathan Butler of Outsauced Consultancy Jonathan Butler of Outsauced Consultancy

What I do

Launched in 2010 OutSauced Consultancy has evolved into a restaurant and hospitality consultancy business. Drawing upon 30 years’ experience working in, and running, successful restaurants and hotels. Utilising my own systems and with a focus on my F.E.E.D Strategy I am able to analyse, advise and work with clients on your business as a whole entity.

I establish systems and focus you and your team to improve efficiency, productivity, turnover and profits.

You may be an independent or multiple-outlet business needing to fine-tune, develop or grow.

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Even after 27 years in the hospitality industry I am driven by the passion and creativity it allows. No one day or business is the same.

I am passionate about what I do and love helping the businesses I work with become more efficient, productive and profitable. I am results driven and will push my clients to the limit to deliver the very best.  

I work around the following 4 pillars I have created through my consultancy work:

  • Feeling
  • Environment
  • Experience
  • Development

I am creative in my approach and understand that every business and situation requires a different process. I love discovering the lightbulb moments with my clients as they understand the ideas I give them. Then implementing those ideas and seeing the results, sometimes almost instantly in their business.  


My goal is to work with as many businesses as possible so they can enjoy the success they create, but also their customers can enjoy the experiences they deliver.

From new start-ups to established operators I want each and every one to be successful and the very best they can by utilising all the skills and assets they have.

I do this via speaking engagements, 1-1 business mentoring, business consultancy projects and my book - Business Recipes for Success: Four Steps to Building a Successful Restaurant and Hospitality Business.  I do this because I love the industry that I have been a part of for 3 decades.  Most importantly I do this for my family and I believe in what I do.

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We have a chat about your business, discuss what is working and what isn't. We discuss your goals and vision for your business and get an understanding of how you will achieve these. If you're unsure about what it is you really need we will know by the end of the call. I will offer you some advice on what you could do and we get to know each other a little better.

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