Restaurant Ridicule: Don’t Sink Just Thrive

Running a restaurant for some people can feel like the dream, but it can also be a tough industry to work within. You may have restaurant experience, perhaps learned the trade from becoming a chef or as a front of house specialist. Or maybe you just love the idea of running a restaurant but have no catering experience whatsoever, we can all face restaurant ridicule if we don’t consider the fundamental aspects of running a restaurant and the aspects that keep it going. Aside from good food, of course. So here are some of the things to think about.

Like any business, there are other departments aside from the obvious

You will be forgiven to think that a restaurant has only a few fundamental important factors. A chef and kitchen with staff able to do the job. A front of house manager and waiting on staff to attend to your customer's needs, and perhaps a business owner or manager that looks over the whole thing. But, there are other aspects of the business side that you don't take into account. There are the accounts, there is the buying, and there are even aspects of IT that need addressing such as website management and social media. If this isn’t your thing, then you could look at encouraging the addition of It apprenticeships to help take off the workload in this area. Leaving you to do what might be best for your skills within the restaurant. Outsourcing is another way of making sure additional areas are covered with focus.  

Customer service is a vital aspect

People go to restaurants to enjoy a decent meal, but customer service is also vitally important. These days it is not always about the food, but also about the experience that you have somewhere. A customer is paying their money to have a decent cooked meal in their chosen cuisine, but the experience can really add to it, making them want to go back for more. Making a customer feel special, even if it doesn't happen to be a special occasion can really work wonders.

The ambience and also the location are important

The atmosphere within your restaurant can be an oversight at times, but it all adds to the overall experience which we have just discussed in detail. Ambience can be created in different ways, from the comfort and practicality of the table and chairs to the lighting side of things. The decor can also play a huge part. Another thing to consider is location. Not everyone can have a high street prime location, so if you do need to be a little out of the way then decent social media marketing could help attract people through the door.

You need to be able to lead

Finally, you may need to ensure that even if you are a restaurateur but you also need to ensure that you can lead a team. You have people that will look to you for leadership, and to enable you to keep your restaurant going. So leadership skills are essentially important when running your restaurant.

Let’s hope some of these reminders will help you to thrive in your restaurant business.  

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