Packaging your Restaurant Products to Successfully Sell

When you’ve managed to establish your restaurant, there’s always the option of selling your produce to the wider market. A lot of businesses are now doing this to get their brand into the pantries and kitchens of households nationally and internationally. It can be a great way to increase revenue and profits as well as brand awareness. However, there’s a way of showcasing your products so that they’re appealing to buy. Here’s how to successfully package your products.

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The Right Packaging

Whatever you’re selling, each individual item is going to need to be packaged differently. It’s important to note this when it comes to designing your packaging to properly showcase the product inside. So it might be stand up pouches for foods like nuts and popcorn or a glass jar for sauces or chutney. Each piece of packaging is going to help elevate your products, so consider this carefully when it comes to selecting what you use and that these will all vary in price depending on what you pick. You may also create seasonal packaging or gift packages to promote at certain times e.g. Father's day or Mother's day.

Incorporate Brand Image

Your brand’s image is key to reminding customers where the product they’re consuming has come from. Never assume that the person buying the product is using it for themselves. Maybe it’s a gift to a friend, colleague or family member. Therefore, you want to incorporate your branding into the packaging so that it shows off exactly who is responsible for its existence! Include your brand colours, maybe a logo if you have one and any special font that you use. Once it’s recognisable, you’ve got more chance of it becoming a household brand that’s used by everyone.

Product Information

In a critical world, not providing product information can prove fatal, especially if your product may cause problems for people with an intolerance or allergies. It’s very useful to include anything and everything in terms of product information to the ingredients to the more generic features like storage recommendations and sell-by dates. It’s also worth putting a brief introduction to the brand or to the specific product so that the consumer has some idea of a company back story.

Be Eco-Friendly

An eco-conscious company is going to go down well with all those that care about the environment and even those who don’t really care. It could be a case of changing your plastic packaging to a more biodegradable option. If the business makes a point of showing that they’re making a change to help the environment, customers are more likely to become firm favourites to the brand itself. Some customers also like to show themselves promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. So you’re both helping out each other in a way!

Packaging your products well is going to lead to more successful sales, and it shows a real passion for what you’re selling when you create packaging that wows your customers. So make sure to use the right packaging on a product by product basis. Remember that using your brand image is a great way of keeping your business in consumer’s minds. Provide plenty of product information but don’t go too overboard and be eco-friendly.