Mobile Food Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Nowadays, building a mobile food business is one of the best things you can do in the hospitality industry. We’re living in an age where no one has time, after all. Stepping away from the restaurant model could see you hitting the mark with a load of new customers.

But, to say that mobile options are a sure path to success would oversimplify the issue. While the general model of this business has everything you could need, there are still plenty of companies who fail to get going. The good news is that, as can be seen on overheads here are low compared to other foodie options. As such, failure won’t quite come with the financial sting that it might otherwise.

Still, struggles are best avoided altogether. And, to help you do that, we’re going to look at the main mistakes of the mobile food business right now.

Moving around too often

The word ‘mobile’ implies a business which can move around with ease. But, you’ll soon find that moving around too often damages your chances, especially in the early days. That’s because, at this stage, you won’t have any existing customers. As with any new company, though, building a solid customer base is essential to get off the ground. And, that just isn’t going to happen if you set up in a new area every day. That’s to say that you need to stick with one patch only. Instead, set up a route which sees you returning to the same locations throughout a month. Get regular days at each spot so that your customers know when to expect you. Only then can you start to see consistent and loyal returnees.

Not providing a point of contact

Your business may be mobile, but your point of contact shouldn’t be. If customers need to make a complaint or just have queries, they need a solid port of call that they can turn to. And, no; that can’t be your home address or mobile number if you want to keep your sanity. Instead, it might be worth investing in virtual office spaces like those found at They can provide you with an address from which to collect mail, and even offer a call answering service. This could be a fantastic way to deal with any potential complaints. It could also help to make your business look altogether more professional.

Operating in a saturated market

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Last, it’s worth noting that many mobile businesses fail because they target saturated markets. It makes sense, for example, that you would want to target the working lunch crowd. The trouble is that every other mobile business is attempting to do the same. Make sure you always have the edge by selecting areas without any real competition. It may even be worth seeking contracts with specific companies. That way, you can get to their team members before another company even has the chance. Otherwise, don’t be surprised if you don’t achieve the custom you were hoping for.

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