How To Offer Food Delivery

If you have a food business such as a restaurant or a cafe, one of the ways in which you can consider expanding this year for more custom is offer delivery for your customers. Food delivery is a great idea if you want to open your business up to many more people because it will allow them to pick and choose when they want to eat without having to leave the house to pick it up. 

Today we are looking at what you need to do to offer these services to your customers this year.

Outsource it?

The first question you will want to ask yourself when it comes to offering a delivery service is whether you will offer to deliver the items yourself or whether you’ll hire someone else to do it. When we talk about someone else we mean third parties such as UberEats and Deliveroo who will take some commission for the job but will save you doing the work. Think about what you want to get out of delivery and decide whether it is a viable option for you to do it yourself or not.

Get a car

If you decide to do the job yourself instead of getting another company to deliver, you will have to consider getting a car which will be used for your delivery. Make sure that you choose a stable and reliable car and one which gives a smooth ride considering you don’t want to deal with food bouncing around in the car. Get an insurance Allstate auto quote and put everyone on it who will be able to take deliveries out.

Hire a driver

Now that you have a car, you need to think about hiring a driver. Depending on how busy you get and how many staff you have in the kitchen, hiring a driver could be your only choice if you want to make sure that you can deliver to as many people as possible every evening. Make sure to screen a driver and background check them to ensure that they aren’t a danger to the public and this will allow you to carry on with your regular work without having to stop to take our deliveries.

Set up the service

How will you provide the service? A lot of restaurants team up with Just Eat for advertising, and you could also have your own website or application for people to make orders. Of course, not everyone has computers, so having the option to call and make an order can be good for you too. It is a good idea to create a minimum spend for delivery because you’ll be using fuel to get to the target destination.

Market your service

Where will you share your news? It is good to share with Just Eat, on social media, and also to print out flyers and post them to everyone who lives in your postcode. Another good idea would be to think about hanging signs on your doors at the restaurant so that people who are passing will see.

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