Who are you?

You are already a hospitality business owner or an entrepreneur or investor seeking to enter the hospitality industry.  Either way you will be an incredibly driven individual.  You are seeking to improve your current business or set up a market leading enterprise but you require guidance and advice from an independent expert. 

You may feel that you are constantly coming up against resistance and roadblocks and need a sounding board to overcome these.  Your turnover isn't growing as rapidly as you would like and your profits aren't reflecting your hard-work.  Your team isn't pulling together and you feel as if you are constantly firefighting conflict.  You may not have total clarity over your values, goals and objectives.  However, you know that you haven't yet achieved everything you want.  You want to be more successful, you want your business to be more successful and you don't want your business running you!

How I help you?

  • We will develop a strategy and focus of what you want to achieve.
  • Analyse your business and operations providing constructive feedback -  Encouraging you to be decisive and take action.
  • Seek solutions to your problems and work with you to implement them quickly and efficiently.
  • Work with you and your team to deliver results!  
  • Equipping you and your business with the right tools so you and your team can implement them.


I work with a variety of businesses and people within the hospitality sector.  From restaurateurs to hoteliers, food manufacturers, cafe owners, charities, public bodies, schools, universities, investors, start-ups and established chains.

You or your business will be seeking to grow or improve efficiencies or service.  I have worked with businesses that have been in decline and through implementing my strategies have turned them around.  I have created, designed and implemented new concepts.  I have provided product and recipe development for International food manufacturers.  I mentor business owners and teams to be more focused on the business values and proposition.  I have provided feasibility studies as well as aligned businesses ready for sale or to implement an exit strategy for them.

I work with independent businesses to small groups to national or international chains.


I cover all areas of building a better hospitality business, including branding, marketing, sales, training and mentoring.  I cover both front and back of house operations.  I can work with you or your team to establish systems that improve your efficiency, productivity, quality, employee relations and service.  I analyse your business to ensure that your turnover, costs, purchasing and profit make sense.

Want to work with me or just curious how I can help you or your business?

I offer a no obligation FREE Consultation call either by phone or via Skype/Zoom

We have a chat about your business, discuss what is working and what isn't. We discuss your goals and vision for your business and get an understanding of how you will achieve these. If you're unsure about what it is you really need we will know by the end of the call. I will offer you some advice on what you could do and we get to know each other a little better.

No Obligation for anything more.... so what are you waiting for, when would you like to speak?